As Urban Edge improves real estate across our portfolio, our efforts will have a significant impact on all our stakeholders. Our goal is to be a leader in responsible ownership, actively managing our assets to minimize environmental impact and enhance social well-being, while upholding the highest ethical standards. The foundation and culture of the company is focused on creating sustainable, long-term value for our tenants, our employees, our investors, and the local communities we serve.

Acknowledging the significance of policy commitments in promoting sustainable practices across our operations, we have developed a robust framework to ensure the alignment and effective implementation of these commitments throughout our portfolio. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our comprehensive sustainability policy, which outlines our guiding principles and objectives. In addition, Urban Edge is devoted to understanding and recognizing the importance of human rights and the belief that all persons should be treated with dignity and respect. This is reflected in our human rights policy.
We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint while also providing a meaningful return on investment.
We are committed to cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment that prioritizes employee and community well-being, diversity, accessibility, and positive social impact for all stakeholders.
We adhere to principles of excellence at all levels of the organization to nurture an environment of trust, accountability, and respect.

90% of landlord-controlled
properties upgraded to
parking lot LED lighting*

42% reduction in natural
gas usage*

26% reduction in
greenhouse gas

8 EV charging stations
installed to date and 12
additional to be installed
by November 2023

$800K+ donated to
various charitable
organizations since 2015

Voted one of NJ’s “Best
Places to Work”
in 2022 and 2023

Silver Green Lease
Leader Award
winner in

Issued our first Tenant
Criteria Manual
in 2022
as a guideline for
sustainability practices
* 2022 vs. 2015. Like for like properties; landlord-controlled areas including vacancies.