Our Commitment
Urban Edge seeks to drive financial performance while engaging in environmentally and socially responsible business practices grounded in sound corporate governance. We believe that disclosure around our ESG practices allows our stakeholders to see our company holistically and understand its trajectory beyond fundamentals and financial metrics.
Building on our core values, we continue to pursue and implement strategies that improve our environmental impact by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and improving waste recycling across the portfolio.
Social Initiatives
Urban Edge has developed strong relationships with our stakeholders, and we are committed to connecting and engaging regularly with our employees, tenants, investors and the communities we serve.
We are committed to sound corporate governance, which strengthens the accountability of our Board and promotes the long-term interests of our shareholders. We believe that our corporate governance standards and policies yield honest, transparent, and accountable trustees and executive officers.
ESG Achievements
Landlord-controlled properties upgraded to LED lighting fixtures
Reduction in GHG Emissions
Reduction in Electricity Usage
Reduction in Natural Gas Usage
$40 Million
Invested in Energy Efficient Roofing
Donated to Various Charitable Organizations
Employees Feel Proud to Work at Urban Edge
Invested in 2021 in Modernizing HVAC Equipment